Sandra Manleys' Vocal Performance Workshop

understanding the needs of individuals on many different levels is truly a gift.

Sandra Manley has worked with many professional singers and groups to help fine-tune their skills. The areas of recording, stage performance, and helping them to change their vocal approach when they find themselves in vocal trouble are areas of Sandra’s expertise. Also, an important part of her teaching is being able to take a beginner with no training all the way to stage.

Ms. Manley is unlimited in the types of singers that she coaches: from rock to pop, and gospel to country. She works with the professional in the recording business to the singer who has hopes of becoming a member of their local choir. Also, Sandra has worked on-going with children that love to sing and /or are headed for competition stage.

As a young girl, Ms. Manley attended Berry College, Rome, Georgia, and completed numerous schools at Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee.

From 1982 - 1984, Sandra Manley was Select Prote'ge'e to Brian Farnon. ( Mr. Farnon was orchestra Leader-for 25 years + at Southshore Room, Harrah's Hotel, South Lake Tahoe, and previously had been, for 19 years, record producer and orchestra leader for Nat King Cole.)

As a powerful, contralto singer in her own right, Sandra has sung around the world and many times for the U.S. Army and Air Force over-seas; and in 1988, sang at the Olympics in Seoul, Korea.

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