uhen you sing, do you sometimes:
  • Run out of breath ?
  • Lose your voice ?
  • Go "flat" ?
  • Pray your voice doesn't "crack" ?
  • Want to stretch your range ?

Sandra Manley teaches on three levels:

  • PRIVATE SESSIONS: Currently are as follows - 1 hour private "in person" vocal session OR 1 hour telephone session = $175.00 US Dollars

    If you are presently signed/under contract OR have been signed/under contract in the past, OR for a group, OR for multiple hour package, call Sandra for a quote at (423) 458-2080.

    As a regular part of her schedule, it is not unusual to find Sandra providing private vocal instruction to students from California to the deep South.

You can reach Sandra (or leave a message) at: (423) 458-2080.

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