Note: Training videos are currently sold out.

Have you been singing for a long time, or want to learn to sing, but find, that after you sing for awhile....

You lose your voice?
Run short of breath?
Your voice "cracks"?
Do you have trouble "going flat" ?

Get the vocal performance training videos that will help you in all these areas.

  • Learn how to help take the strain off your throat when you are singing.
  • Learn how to help make your body a breathing machine so that you can hold a note like never before.
  • Learn how to have such vocal control that you won't ever worry about your voice "cracking" again.
  • Get the concepts that will help you to expand your vocal singing range like you would have never believed.
  • And, learn the methods to help stamp out "flat" notes forever.

    Whether you are a beginner or a professional singer, you will find simple, solid, and “in depth” teaching to help in all these areas plus many more.

    Get over two hours of power-packed hands-on seminar instruction video-taped during our live seminar at Floyd College in North Georgia.

    The Current Teaching Videos AVAILABLE are:

    Vocal Performance Trouble-Shooters' Videos


    Use Basics 1 video for Basics approach to:

    • Power, Control and Style
    • Singer's Breathing vs. Social Breathing
    • Tone Support
    • Vocal Tone Placement
    • Line up your Throat
    • Posture & Relaxation
    • How to tell if you are "singing thru your nose"
    • Vocal Registers

    Use Basics 2 video for Basics approach to:

    • Don't Get Sick....
    • Keep a Healthy Throat
    • Song Key Selection
    • Why sing scales?


    • Basic Piano Chords to help you choose your key..
    • Basic Piano Scales for singing scales


    Videos are currently sold out

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