ull of Sandra's teaching videos are edited from the "live" workshops that have been done at various colleges. As you can see from the teaching that is offered on the videos, there is a wide array of subjects covered during these sessions.

Many people that want high powered, fast, in depth, personal instruction opt to have private vocal sessions. However, if you are not working under a deadline or a specific career goal, then you may want to attend classes or workshops rather than private sessions.

You MAY decide that YOU would like to host a workshop.

Possible workshops would be:

  • Three-hour morning workshop
  • Three-hour afternoon workshop
  • One day workshop- three hours a.m., three hours p.m.
  • Two day workshop

    If hosting one of these workshops would be of interest to you, we can customize a workshop especially for you, your friends, and your specific needs. A good suggestion would be to purchase the video Basics Package. When you work with that for a short while, then you would have a better idea for what you would want included in your personal customized workshop.

    Currently, private sessions are as follows:

    Call Sandra for quotes. 423-458-2080.

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